⁠Walnuts With Shell Jumbo (Kagzi)

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Product Name: Walnuts With Shell Jumbo (Kagzi)

Product Description:

Experience the extraordinary flavor and size of our Jumbo Kagzi walnuts with shell. Sourced from the finest walnut groves, these premium nuts are renowned for their exceptional taste and quality. Each walnut is carefully selected and left in its natural shell to preserve freshness and flavor. Crack open the shell to reveal the rich, creamy nut inside, perfect for snacking or adding a nutritious crunch to your favorite dishes. Our Jumbo Kagzi walnuts with shell are a delicious and wholesome treat for any occasion.

Shelf Life:

Our Jumbo Kagzi walnuts with shell have a shelf life of up to 12 months when stored properly.

Storage Instructions:

To maintain freshness and quality, store walnuts with shell in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. For extended shelf life, consider refrigerating or freezing walnuts with shell.


Walnuts may contain traces of other nuts. Individuals with nut allergies should read the label carefully before consuming.